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Laptops should be chosen based on the purposes because not all laptops can meet your needs. For example, a laptop for writers should not have high specs. On the contrary, laptops for gamers, graphic designers, etc must have high specs because the laptops should be powerful. If you are interested in a graphic design laptop, you have to choose it carefully. You have to make sure that the specs meet your needs. Therefore, to get the best one, you can compare the following best laptops for graphic design.

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro

This is the first graphic design laptop that I include in the list. This is one of the best laptops produced by Acer, a famous electronic company in the world. There is no one who is doubt of this laptop quality. Based on the specs, there are at least 2 things that become the reasons why it should be chosen. The first is related to the processor where it uses Core i7 with 2 GB GPU whereas the second one is related to the storage memory. It comes with 16 GB RAM and also 2 TB HDD.

Lenovo Z70

The second product comes from Lenovo. Today, Lenovo also becomes one of the most favorite electronic companies that can compete with other popular companies. Lenovo produces this laptop to be designed for graphic design with some goods. At least, there are 2 things that I can mention. The first relates to the processor used where it is powered by the fifth generation of Core i7 that makes it very powerful. The second one relates to the build quality that is very satisfying. That is why it belongs to one of the most recommended laptops for graphic design.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple also offers one of their best products named Apple MacBook Pro. There are some goods that are offered by this laptop. I will share 2 of them. The first is on the processor offered. This graphic design laptop uses i7 processor that comes with 512 GB Flash. This processor makes it very powerful. So, you have to thank to its processor used. Besides that, you will also be amazed by its display quality where it can produce images up to 2880 x 1800 pixels of resolution.

Asus ROG G752VL

The next list comes from Asus. Asus is one of the most popular electronic companies well known with their quality products. Even though it is designed for gaming, this laptop is also appropriate for other purposes including graphic design because of the powerful performance. It is very powerful because of the processor used. In this case, you have to thank to its DDR4 and the sixth generation processor used supported with GPU. Besides that, this laptop also comes with excellent build that makes it really perfect. So, you should prioritize this graphic design laptop.

MSI Computer GE72 Apache Pro-029

MSI is well known with their gaming laptop products. This is also actually a gaming laptop. However, it is recommended so much for you who needs the best laptops for graphic design. Comes with the sixth generation processor, this laptop is very powerful. So, you should not worry that it will slow down if you use it for graphic designing. It is also very good with its storage memory combination where this laptop comes with both Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive.

ASUS Transformer Book T200TA

It will also be a good decision if you buy this graphic design laptop. Compared to the previous options, it has some advantages. One of the advantages of this laptop is the touch screen feature. The touch screen feature makes you more enjoyable using this laptop. Besides that, this laptop is also very affordable. The low price makes many people interested in it. Even though it has a low price, you should not worry about the quality. It will be very satisfying for graphic designing. Therefore, you have to consider buying this inexpensive graphic design laptop.


HP also belongs on the list with their product named HP ENVY 15t. There are some benefits if you buy this laptop for your graphic design use. Firstly, similar to the previous option, it also comes with low cost. It means you can buy this laptop affordably. So, you do not need to spend too much money for it. Besides that, you also need to thank to its spacious storage memory because it comes with 1 TB hard disk where you can use it to save your files such as pictures, videos, etc. Anyway, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the best products of graphic design laptop.


This is the next laptop included in the list. Based on the specs, I can find some goods of this laptop. However, the touch screen feature becomes one of the most common reasons why people love it. The touch screen feature adds the experience in using this laptop. Besides that, you can also buy it affordably because it comes with low price. The affordable price attracts so many buyers.

Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook

Toshiba also does not want to be left out. Comes with high specs, this graphic design is priced affordably. It becomes one of the goods of this laptop. So, everyone can buy this easily. Besides that low price, you also need to thank to its operating system used. This graphic design laptop uses Chrome OS that is very sophisticated. It makes you comfortable using this laptop.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

This is the last option included in the list. It offers some goods that make it perfect for graphic design. Firstly, it comes with solid build so that this laptop is very strong and durable. Secondly, it is also equipped with DDR5 2 GB GPU that makes it very powerful. Based on the advantages above, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the best laptops for graphic design.

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News in Society NowadaysPeople cannot deny the function of news in nowadays society since the appearance of the news can be assumed as the inevitable too in this modern life. Without news there will be some confused feeling and the limitation of people’s knowledge. In long time that can bring into the degradation of the society that must be avoided as long as the members of society do not want to get the bad ending history of their society.

There are two kinds of news. The first one is the bad news and the second is the good news. If you read the newspaper, magazine, or you are watching television, you can find both of them. That is not a problem since the main aspect considered by journalist when they want to present news is not the classification like that but the importance of the news and the accuracy of the news too. Avoiding getting the bad news does not mean that the bad news does not happen. You must face any news.

The good news has the simple function for showing that the world is not too bad. It can give more spirit for living. The effect is really positive and it can console you when you are in the sad condition. Take an example that you are sad because you do not have job and you are confusing for searching the specific way to get your financial life. Then you find the information about a job vacancy in one company. This good news can give a new spirit into your life.

In contrary, the bad news also can give the effect and the effect can be a problem. That is a negative effect of course, for example when you hear the news about terrorism. However, you then must direct it into the positive effect. Since you find that there is something bad in life, you then can make a decision that there is a problem in life. The problem of course needs to be solved. Your reaction then can be directed into the act of looking for the possible way of solving the mentioned problem.

The function of the news like that, shows that the news have the significant function in life. Through the news people can make a right decision in facing something. The decision can influence the culture, the habit, and the way of spending life nowadays.

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Getting news nowadays is something easy. May be people have that opinion in common. The opinion actually is right. However, there is one thing must be noticed too about the news: there is the possibility of the false news. So, getting the news does not always mean getting the right news. Getting the false news can give the negative effects since you then get the untruthful news. There are actually some tips can be presented to make you are able to gain the right news and so you will get the truth.

Proposing Some Tips for getting the Right News in Modern Time
The first tip to be practiced when you want to get the right news nowadays is making a specification about the news. Some people like to read and get any news about sport for example while some others more like to listen or read the news about economy. Both of them can get the news from different sources. You must know about your hobby relating to the news and so you can get more specific detail too about which one is your news source to be chosen.

The next tip relates into the understanding of some news sources available in your circle. Nowadays you can find so many TV station, so many newspaper publisher, and so many magazine publisher. All of them are the sources of the news. More specification can be directed into some of them. There is the TV station that often focuses into the economy news while some others into political news. Some of the newspaper gives the great portion for sport news while some others into literature. By understanding the specification you then can get the one needed in line with your desire.

The aspect of the price must be paid also must be included into the consideration. You can get news from the free source and you also can get it from the charged one. You must appropriate it with your financial condition. It is impossible for example for getting the news from newspaper or magazine freely. You must buy it. Some television gives the options between the charged one and the free one.

By choosing the source that offers the specific item of the news, you can get more qualified news too. It means that you may get the right news. Some of your opinions and your acts of facing some phenomena in life can be done based on the news reached. The right news will bring into the right decision too and that is the most important purpose must be kept when you are looking for the news.

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