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Some people said that they are able to get some good jobs without needed any higher education. Some might be agree with this one, but some of them are not. People think that get a better job is needed a hard work rather than spending their time on graduate degree. That is case might be true for a modern county such as US or UK, but it’s totally different in many developing countries such as India and Pakistan. There, education is the key to get a better job and status. It would be totally wasted if we have a good skill without any certificate to prove it. That is what most people think in developing countries.  This is always the problem that developing countries always get again and again. We don’t really know if it’s true or not but at least we have some important things that we learn there.

Better experience

Getting good education means you are going to meet lot of professional people who have been mastering their study. From there, you could learn so many things that you would never learn on the outside. Some of universities even developing new ways on doing something that might lead us to do lot of things easier. The development such as computer and gadget really need a professional person which is good on this case.  So, there will be huge chance we get better information if we decided to get higher education.

Job Security

I guess this is what most people are looking for. The opportunities on getting safer security job for our future. One we get the on a job, that is going to be last long as we could.  That might not totally  true, but people with good education think that their job is lot of safer than what most people do with lower education.


We don’t really know what will happen next because the development and the moving of money are very fast. We might see the future where most people need to enhance their skill or they would never get any job. That is why preparing for the worst is always better than doing it later.

We would find it soon if the higher education should be consider to be someone successful. We don’t find it soon now, but later we might see a different future from what we see now. Hope you enjoy my article.

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News in Society NowadaysPeople cannot deny the function of news in nowadays society since the appearance of the news can be assumed as the inevitable too in this modern life. Without news there will be some confused feeling and the limitation of people’s knowledge. In long time that can bring into the degradation of the society that must be avoided as long as the members of society do not want to get the bad ending history of their society.

There are two kinds of news. The first one is the bad news and the second is the good news. If you read the newspaper, magazine, or you are watching television, you can find both of them. That is not a problem since the main aspect considered by journalist when they want to present news is not the classification like that but the importance of the news and the accuracy of the news too. Avoiding getting the bad news does not mean that the bad news does not happen. You must face any news.

The good news has the simple function for showing that the world is not too bad. It can give more spirit for living. The effect is really positive and it can console you when you are in the sad condition. Take an example that you are sad because you do not have job and you are confusing for searching the specific way to get your financial life. Then you find the information about a job vacancy in one company. This good news can give a new spirit into your life.

In contrary, the bad news also can give the effect and the effect can be a problem. That is a negative effect of course, for example when you hear the news about terrorism. However, you then must direct it into the positive effect. Since you find that there is something bad in life, you then can make a decision that there is a problem in life. The problem of course needs to be solved. Your reaction then can be directed into the act of looking for the possible way of solving the mentioned problem.

The function of the news like that, shows that the news have the significant function in life. Through the news people can make a right decision in facing something. The decision can influence the culture, the habit, and the way of spending life nowadays.

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Getting news nowadays is something easy. May be people have that opinion in common. The opinion actually is right. However, there is one thing must be noticed too about the news: there is the possibility of the false news. So, getting the news does not always mean getting the right news. Getting the false news can give the negative effects since you then get the untruthful news. There are actually some tips can be presented to make you are able to gain the right news and so you will get the truth.

Proposing Some Tips for getting the Right News in Modern Time
The first tip to be practiced when you want to get the right news nowadays is making a specification about the news. Some people like to read and get any news about sport for example while some others more like to listen or read the news about economy. Both of them can get the news from different sources. You must know about your hobby relating to the news and so you can get more specific detail too about which one is your news source to be chosen.

The next tip relates into the understanding of some news sources available in your circle. Nowadays you can find so many TV station, so many newspaper publisher, and so many magazine publisher. All of them are the sources of the news. More specification can be directed into some of them. There is the TV station that often focuses into the economy news while some others into political news. Some of the newspaper gives the great portion for sport news while some others into literature. By understanding the specification you then can get the one needed in line with your desire.

The aspect of the price must be paid also must be included into the consideration. You can get news from the free source and you also can get it from the charged one. You must appropriate it with your financial condition. It is impossible for example for getting the news from newspaper or magazine freely. You must buy it. Some television gives the options between the charged one and the free one.

By choosing the source that offers the specific item of the news, you can get more qualified news too. It means that you may get the right news. Some of your opinions and your acts of facing some phenomena in life can be done based on the news reached. The right news will bring into the right decision too and that is the most important purpose must be kept when you are looking for the news.