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  by  , Monday 29 May 2017, Categories: Ideas

Sometimes we need something more in order to get our self to be motivated or creative. There are lots of ways that we could do to make it better, but sometimes we are stuck with the same idea again and again for such long time. It might get you bored since you could not think anything for your work or your project.  People brains are limited in creating or imagining something and everyone has their own limitation about it. Some of them can do better than anyone, but some of them are also limited on their each category. Actually there are some ways for improving our brains and that is thing that I want to show you.

Mix Or Bounce Your Idea

Don’t get yourself stuck alone and it might be a great idea to share your opinion with anyone around. It could be your friends or even your family. Tell about your idea and let them decided if it’s good or not or asking their direction or suggestion would lead you to another idea. They must be having their own idea and it’s pretty good for you.


Please never said that you don’t love daydreaming because it’s something that really good to do.  Stop anything that you do and start to think about what you are going to do and what is better for the future. Some music and calming place should help you on boasting your motivation in doing something.

Doing Some Experiment

Every idea must have some good things and bad things. Never ever let your nice idea to be waste and do an experiment with it.  We don’t know what will happen and it might be good for brainstorming your mind. You might face some failures, but at least you already try the best for it.  I always do this thing if I run out if idea and its pretty much working for me.

Find Source Of Information

Internet is the best place in find great information for your project and there are lots of creative people that sure would motivate you.  You don’t need to copy all of their ideas, but what you just need to do is taking few of them and making your own and then improve it.  You will be amazed how amazing it is because they sometimes also take it from someone. One thing that you should remember, don’t get too carried away with it and be yourself.