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Future Specs of Gaming Laptop $1000

  by  , Saturday 11 February 2017, Categories: Consumer

Today, we can find gaming laptops with less than $ 1,000 easily. The specs are various from one gaming laptop to another. As we know, gaming laptops have amazing specs. Besides the performance, gaming laptops also commonly apply various great techs and features. How about the future gaming laptop? We will be able to find gaming laptop $1000 because the company certainly want to compete with the other competitors. In this article, we will discuss about the future specs that include the design, features, and other detailed specs.

Virtual Reality Tech (VR) for Future Gaming Laptop

In the future, gamers will be more excited to play games on a laptop. You will be able to find a future gaming laptop $1000 with a sophisticated tech called Virtual Reality or also well known as VT. It is a tech that allows you to enjoy the experience, interact with the environment of the game and be involved into the game like the real experience. Some rumors say that this tech will be the most awaited tech for gaming laptop in the future. This tech is predicted to be used in 2018. So, just be patient to wait for 2018 gaming laptops.

This tech is predicted to be able to attract many companies related to gamin. This tech will not only be applied on Play Station but also PC, laptop, and even tablet or Smartphone. However, it is predicted that gamers will prefer gaming laptop because it comes with wide screen size and portable design that allows you to play games using a laptop anytime and anywhere. When Virtual Reality comes true, I believe that there will be much more gamers in the world who buy gaming laptops.

VR gaming laptop

Motion Sensor and Neuro Gaming Tech for Future Gaming Laptop

Motion sensor has actually been used in gaming since a few years ago. It is an electronic sensor that can detect your moves and integrate it with the device and the environment around. This system will do the tasks or warn certain things automatically. However, the future gaming will be more familiar with this technology and the effect will be wider. This tech will come in PC, laptop, tablet and also Smartphone to support gaming needs.

motion sensor gaming laptop

Today, we can find motion gaming where you can do some activities like cycling, running, walking, etc to pass certain missions. For example, the newest that uses this tech is Pokemon Go that can be accessed in Smartphone. In the future, there will be gaming laptop $1000 that applies this tech because there are many portable laptops even with detachable design. So, it is very reasonable that this tech will be more familiar with gaming. In addition, there will also be sensor which is improved that can detect facial mimic called as neuro gaming tech. The combination will create amazing experience of gaming.

Cloud Based Service and Big Data Tech for Future Gaming Laptop

big data gaming

This is the next tech that will appear in the future gaming laptop under 1000 dollars. Actually, this tech has been appeared since a few years ago. However, in the future this will be much better. If Virtual Reality will focus on the graphic quality, this new tech will focus on the great RAM that affects the speed so that gaming speed will be much faster related to the download, rendering, etc. This tech will be based on internet connection but it will be very exciting. So, you should be ready to wait for this amazing gaming feature.

What is the benefit of this tech? One of the benefits if a gaming laptop applies this tech is that the laptop will a little bit save updating hardware. In fact, updating hardware becomes one of the most common needs of gamers. Besides that, gamers also do not need to buy hardware with very expensive price because of the existence of cloud based rendering. Considering these benefits, gamers will be much happier if gaming laptops come with this sophisticated tech.

5G Network and Tournament Online Streaming for Future Gaming Laptop

Either for online gaming or offline gaming, most gamers want super fast downloading. The newest internet network with maximum speed is 4G/LTE. However, it does not support all kinds of device including gaming laptop. Today, Google tests 5G using drone with their secret project named SykBender. Hopefully, this 5G network can be 40 times faster than the maximum speed of 4G/LTE. If it comes true, it really coddles gamers in the future. So, you can download games super fast. Even more, it is also very amazing for online game because of the super fast speed.

5g network gaming

However, this future tech cannot be enjoyed soon. There may be gaming laptop $1000 that applies 5G network at 5 years later or more because this super fast network should pass many tests. The government of England promises that London can enjoy this 5G network in 5 years later. So, different countries may offer 5G in different estimations. In the future, this high speed network will only be enjoyed in big cities in the world first before being spread larger and wider.

Future gaming laptop $1000 will be enjoyed several years later. This future network is very useful because it can support various entertainments, watching e-sport athletes becoming stars who play games, etc. In the future, the organizer of game events will likely to earn more money by selling premium access to online streaming. And there will be many other great experience of gaming with this 5G network.

Cross Platform Integration for Future Gaming Laptop

There are many companies that look for ways so that devices available today can communicate each other. This is called cross platform integration. This system is hopefully applied on Windows 10 where you can use some devices in the same networks for streaming the same games. This is hoped to be able to bring gaming cross platform to be more real so that the experience of gaming will be greater.

Today, there are some developers of game that plan to create game cloud connected that can run in multiple platforms. There are also some games that try to use cross platform tech. In the future, this system will be more familiar in various games. It will not only be used for Smartphone but also PCs and laptops. Even more, there will also be cross progression tech where you can move games from PS4 to PC or laptop or vice versa without worrying the lost progress. That is why it will be one of the most awaited techs in the future gaming laptops.

Future Designs for Gaming Laptop

Even though the techs and features of gaming laptop are improved, the prices will always be reasonable because the companies do not want their customers to leave. So, the prices offered are always competitive. So, we can find gaming laptop $1000 easily in the future. One of the future designs that we can find is dual screen. Dual screen means that the gaming laptop will have double touch screens which mean that there is no keyboard but 2 touch screens.  So, it can add the experience of playing games.

Besides that, you will also find a gaming laptop that comes with ecological design. This concept receives an award for the best Red Dot for the future laptop design. This laptop design uses battery cell for the fuel so that it is more ecological. The batter will also be able to last longer so that you can play games more comfortably without charging. If a 1000 dollar gaming laptop with this design comes true, it will be the most favorite gaming laptop in the future. So, you can also consider buying it.

The next future design of gaming laptop is wireless keyboard. So, the keyboard is separated from the screen but the keyboard will not be connected using wire. It will be connected through Bluetooth. So, you can play games using the keyboard freely with your most enjoyed position. This gaming laptop design may appear in the future and Mac laptop may be earlier to offer this design. The keyboard will also come with thin design so that you can carry it easily. You can also put the screen in flexible position.

In the future, you will also be able to enjoy a great laptop design called DesCom. Basically, it is a concept of laptop design with 2 in 1 model where the laptop will seamlessly be integrated to a table. This future design will be able to be found in various types of laptop including gaming laptop. With this design, you can play game using this laptop more comfortably and enjoyably. Even though it will be integrated to the table seamlessly and you cannot move it freely, it will be installed more steadily.

Future Features for Gaming Laptop

There will also some new features that you can find in gaming laptop $1000 in the future. One of them is Sound Tracker. This feature will focus on the sound provided on the game. With this feature, the gamers will have the greater experience in playing game because it will be able to detect the location where the sound or voice of shooting. So, you will enjoy the game much better. This feature will make gamers spend more time playing games because it prevents boringness. That is why it becomes a good innovation for gaming features.

The next feature that is rumored to come in the future is Dragon Eye. This feature is hoped to be available in gaming because it belongs to picture in picture feature that is easy to use. It allows the gamers to watch videos on YouTube or Twitch stream and play games simultaneously. What you need to do is that you should add the link of stream to the application of Dragon Eye. After that, choose the size, position, volume and transparency and then start gaming. This feature will be one of the most common features applied in future cheap gaming laptop. With this feature, gamers will have greater experience in playing games via online.

In the future, gaming laptop will also apply a sophisticated feature called Nahimic 2. It is a feature that comes with the newest version from the best audio. It is designed special for gamers. Besides that, this feature also introduces HD feature so that it makes the gaming laptop able to produce high display quality and resolution. With high resolution, you can play games enjoyably because the images produced are very clear and sharp.

The last feature that is predicted to be introduced in the future is Audio Recorder. As its name, Audio Recorder will focus on recording audio. However, this feature will have many other benefits and functions. For example, it will be an exclusive tool that can create great experience of personal live stream. The gamers will also experiment with Nahimic 2. Of course, it will be an amazing combination of gaming feature that you can enjoy in the future. Even though there is no one who knows when it will come true, we can expect that it will be available as soon as possible.

Rumors of Future Gaming Laptops

There are many rumors about future gaming laptop. Mostly, it comes from MSI that is well known as the best choice in gaming. One of them is GS40 Phantom. It will come with 14 inch ultra portable design, Intel Skylake processor, NVIDIA GTX 970M, and other great offers. Besides that, you can also buy GT72S Tobii soon. It is a gaming laptop that is considered as the most sophisticated one in the world because eye tracking is integrated to it and there are some other advanced techs and features available.

Talking about future gaming laptop will always be interesting topic. There will be many gaming laptops that come with more and more sophisticated specs. However, you will also can still find gaming laptop $1000 even though the specs will always be improved. Hopefully the future gaming laptops will be much more satisfying. 

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