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I have spent of days on working and doing all of my daily stuff and I guess now is the right time for enjoying myself since the holiday is coming. I already have full plans for what I should do on this holiday, but mostly I am going to spend most of my time together with my family. We do not have much time to talk each other during the normal day and I guess this is the right time to strong of our bond.  It looks like I just need to get out of my BBQ smoker and grilling some foods.

Well, few weeks ago I have just visited a BBQ event with my friend where they are showing us so many great techniques of barbequing and grilling. I do not know that there are so many great techniques that would let us improve the result greatly with this simple technique.  I have to say that the technique is very simple, but works greatly. I guess most of people would do it easily and would able t improve their skill. So to make it easier, here are some simple tricks that I learn there.

Keep It Hot

I am sure that you are going to start of your fire by using a chimney starter. Yeah, I think that what most people do for doing this thing. Using chimney is better since you are going to get a great wood as the light starter without spending too much time on preparing it.  Here, you have to keep the fire as hot as you could by putting some embers.  At the first time you put some coals on the inside, you just need to put one or two embers there and add another woods.  You are going to see that the embers would help you to start the fire without needed to using some oils or even newspaper to light out the fire.  Like I said before, the trick is very simple, but making so great impact to the process and the result. You should really try it by yourself.

 Make It Clean

Do not let any your left food destroying the taste your new food. Food sticking is really bad because it could destroy the taste very easily.  There are some tools that you could depend for this case. I usually use my brush to clean the entirely of my grill grate. But, it could be hard if we left it for month and you do not clean it. You would end up putting so much of your effort on cleaning it. That is why you really need to clean it regularly after you use it.  If you do not want to spend of your time brushing of your grate, then there are some good alternatives where you do not have to do it.

Smoke On Every Smoker

Do not worry to smoke on other smokers beside than the charcoal one. You could still get some smoke flavor by using some simple tricks.  You could place some hardwood under the great to give some smoke flavors.  Remember to place it before you start the grilling process. Just put it on your grill grate and then grill your meat.  Taste it when it is finished and you would see that the smoke flavor is not really that bad. It might not really that good in comparable with another smoker, but it could be your best luck if you do not have a charcoal smoker.

Grilling Some Lemons?

Yeah, you could grill a melon and it does not taste really that bad.  Here, you are not going to eat it directly, but you are going to use it to give another taste to your grilled fish.  Doing this thing could really improve the taste before you start grilling your fish. Just start grilling your lemon before you want to grill your fish and see the result.

Keep It Lubricated

For this case there are two ways that you could do to cool down of your grill grate.  First, you could do it by using onions. You could cut the onion into half and then use it to lubricate of your grate.  Rub it entirely and see the different. The other way that you could do here is by using chunk of bacon. The steps are similar to the previous one, the one making its different is only the material.

Final Thought

Those are some simple tricks that would make your grilling process becoming better. You do not have to do some great things to make it better since you have some simple tricks here. I was surprised that using a simple trick could make the process improve greatly.  You should really try it and prove it by yourself.


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There are many ways you can do to decorate the walls of your room, actually. Among them, there is one way you must really consider. It is framed arts. Well, simply put, they are pictures of arts being framed like framed photos. You will, of course, hang them on the walls of your room. But, it is not about hanging them randomly without proper plan in mind. It won’t be amazing that way after all.

Grand Gallery with Framed Arts

Did you know? You can even make gallery of photos in your room. Even if it is good for bedroom, it looks the best in living room. We are talking about grand gallery after all. It is better to show it to others in a room where people usually gather together. So, in order to realize this idea, you will have to consider the room design idea beforehand. Pay attention to the color scheme you want to make in the room and take it as inspiration for the gallery.

For example, you have white walls with gray furniture and carpet and some striking, red decors. Then, be sure to include white and red colors in your framed arts. Of course, you need to make the room more cheerful with other colors. Be sure to find many pictures with various different sizes. Prioritize big-sized ones though. After that, hang them all on the wall with some space between them while covering the wall from roof to floor.

Framed arts can be really amazing to realize, indeed. Whether you go with big framed arts or small framed arts, you can always make something amazing with them if you know the way.

Family Tree with Framed Arts

You can always be more creative with framed arts, you see. There are various ways you can try to make them a nice décor for the wall of your room. Well, people don’t always prefer grand gallery with big framed arts that cover almost the whole room wall. If that is the case with you too, you can always go with small ones instead. Well, hanging them only will only make nice, little statement to the room design idea. There is other way, you know.

This way I am talking about here is about making family tree with them. Well, you can always choose what artistic pictures you want to hang on wall. But, you will have to look for wall paper or wall sticker with leafless tree pattern on. Make sure you get the big one. Then, you can simply hang some framed arts at the end of the branches of the tree and you are done with this family tree décor idea.



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Indeed, anyone can become an artist. It only depends on your will and dedication of doing it. If you are not even willing to dedicate yourself to it, it won’t be long before you stop your way to become an artist. So, be sure to put some dedication there. Well, there are all sorts of things you need to do if you want to start about becoming an artist right from scratch. Let’s discuss more about it in this opportunity here.

How to Become an Artist

Learning Your Skill and Observe the Surroundings

First of all, there is no better first step than knowing where your skill lies most in art. As you might have known, there is more than one kind of arts. You have to know which art you are most capable of. It is no use of polishing something that is very difficult for you to do. That is why it is important to learn your own skill. It is not that difficult to find out about it. Usually, people have some basics of certain art already.

For example, you like drawing very much since you are young and what you draw is worthy enough to compliment. If you still like drawing even up until now, this can be good basic for you. After that, you will have to start observing your surroundings in artistic way. You can see how the sky changes color, for instance. What you feel and smell is important too. Make sure to reflect all of those things in your art work.

Make Art Every Day and Ask Others for Opinions

No matter what, you can’t simply draw only if you feel like doing it. It is not something you can call as dedication. When it comes to dedication, you will have to do certain thing in most of your time. At least, you should make an effort of doing it as regular activity. So, since we are talking about becoming an artist here, you should have managed to make art every day. Spare your time polishing your skill more.

If you do it every day, surely your skill will elevate bit by bit. Look at some references for further knowledge about the art form you are working on. Be sure to practice while trying to make the style of your own. Don’t try to copy others! Once you are done making some, you can show them to other people and ask them for opinions about your works. Accept their critics wisely and practice more to fix your flaws.